CE Line

Stainless steel 316L / ASTM-A-240 INTERNAL / AISI 304 BA EXTERNAL.

Stainless steel 316L / ASTM-A-240 INTERNAL / EXTERNAL COPPER.

The “DOPPIT CE” line can cover a variety of functions.

In fact it is suitable both for sealed-chamber, open and condensation boilers, and for fireplaces and stoves.

It is in fact a type of smoke system covered with high density mineral wool (25/50 mm, when the standard is 25 mm) depending on the needs.

It is made up of linear elements with a maximum height of 1000 mm in various diameters (the interior must always be considered, from 80 mm to 800 mm).

The product has the CE mark.

The possibility of having the copper exterior adds to the high technical value of the system an aesthetic value, which does not compromise the performance of the flue in a small way.

Technical documentation
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